Who is Nicholas Thomas Del Franco?

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco was born and raised in Bridgewater, NJ. Currently, he resides in Newport Beach California, CA. Nicholas Thomas Del Franco is a successful Business Entrepreneur, who has founded many different companies in a variety of fields, such as farming, dog food, and business consulting. His other business fields include nutrients, soils, marijuana, direct investment, lenders, minerals, water, silver, and gold.

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco Education

Del Franco holds a degree in International Business from Lynn University. He has attended various seminars and conferences to expand his business acumen and hone his marketing skills. He finished high school at Bridgewater Raritan.

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco As An Entrepreneur

Del Franco has been involved in many successful business ventures over the years in variety of fields, such as farming, dog food, nutrients, and business consulting.

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco has invested in Plan Growth Nutrient products, resulting in organic fertilizers which maximize vegetative, flower, and bud formations for high-value superior crop production. Del Franco is also known for his business acumen and marketing expertise.

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco Recent Business Endeavors

Del Franco has recently been involved in some new businesses, including Rapid Covid Testing, a dog rescue and dog treat company, and a company that provides entrepreneurs with strategic consulting services to help them grow. In addition, he invests in Hollywood and films. He also franchises pizzerias.