As the economy recovers and opportunities abound for anyone willing to take a risk, entrepreneurs are emerging as a new breed of dominant American business leaders. From small ventures to large enterprises, businesses of all kinds are leveraging their own capital, partnering with other like-minded individuals, or turning to angel investors and venture capital firms for funding. As such, becoming an entrepreneur is more accessible than ever before.

Here, a successful entrepreneur Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, shares some tips on how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

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Build a strong network

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, who owns a number of successful business ventures in different sectors, claims that even if you are an exceptional entrepreneur, you will struggle to succeed without the support of others. You will never be able to build a network of business contacts without making connections with other entrepreneurs first. Therefore, the best way to build a network of investors and business partners is to get involved in entrepreneurship events, meetups, and online forums. Through the connections you make, you will find entrepreneurs who can be future business partners, mentors, or investors. Additionally, you can also look for resources, such as podcasts and online courses, to learn how to network effectively. You can also visit Nicholas Thomas Del Franco’s channel on Youtube, where you can find a lot of useful information.

Be willing to fail

From the moment you decide to become an entrepreneur, you will encounter numerous challenges and failures. Despite the occasional setback, these experiences are necessary for entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities, refine their skills, and ultimately fulfill their potential. As you begin your journey, remember that the majority of entrepreneurs fail in the first few years. According to Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, in nearly 90% of new businesses, less than 20% survive over the course of the first five years. While it is important to remain positive and accept these statistics, it is also important to acknowledge that failure is part of the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must be willing to fail to learn from mistakes so that they can succeed. In fact, experiencing failure is a crucial part of the entrepreneurial journey because it helps entrepreneurs to develop resilience and stronger interpersonal and professional skills.

Find your niche and focus

Successful entrepreneurs such as Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, understand that the path to entrepreneurship is paved with many obstacles and failures. However, the path is most easily travelled by focusing on a specific niche, finding a solution to a market problem, and then finding a way to bring that product to life. To successfully find your niche and focus, you will need to spend time in research, speaking with your potential customers, and brainstorming potential product ideas. During this process, you will also need to consider your financial resources and how long your business might take to reach break-even. Additionally, you will also want to consider the competitors in your niche to ensure that your product is unique and better than others on the market.

Ask for help

Successful entrepreneurs understand that although the journey to entrepreneurship is difficult, the journey is usually much easier with the help of others. Entrepreneurs are often so focused on their ideas and products that they do not consider the potential challenges they will face while bringing them to market. To overcome these challenges, entrepreneurs need to reach out to experts and potential partners with whom they can collaborate and share expertise. Successful entrepreneurs, including Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, make use of online collaboration tools, such as online forums and social media groups, to connect with professionals, mentors, and investors. Through these channels, entrepreneurs can quickly find experts who can help them plan their products, refine their business plans, or find investment partners. Additionally, entrepreneurs should also consider attending business events, such as seminars, to meet potential business partners or investors.

Find an angel investor or venture capitalist

“As your business grows, you may eventually need to raise capital from investors. In these circumstances, you may want to consider investing in a venture capitalist or raising angel investment,” suggests Nicholas Thomas Del Franco, who has been involved in a wide range of businesses, including farming, dog food, nutrients, and business consulting, over the years.

Venture capitalists are generally wealthy investors who fund risky projects, while angel investors are typically individuals who provide small amounts of capital. Before investing in a venture capitalist, you should be sure that they will invest in your type of business. In other words, venture capitalists are generally interested in investing in high-risk, high-reward projects, while angel investors generally seek to invest in businesses with modest growth potential. If you have the capital, you may choose to invest in your own company, although this is generally a risky proposition.


Choosing to become an entrepreneur can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, the journey is rarely an easy one. It requires hard work, perseverance, and significant financial risk. Entrepreneurs must be willing to fail many times as they navigate the highs and lows of this experience to ultimately succeed. Successful entrepreneurs understand that the path to entrepreneurship is paved with many obstacles and failures. While these experiences are necessary for entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities, they are also willing to be open to failure and willing to fail many times before succeeding.

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